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Brass Flame Arrestor (For Hydrogen and Methane)

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Brass flame arrestor FS 500 with a generous surface area effectively quells any potential hazardous flashbacks.

Inlet connection NPT 1/4” Male

Outlet connection NPT 1/4” Female

Suitable for Hydrogen and Methane Services

Maximum Pressure (Bar)
Hydrogen 10
Methane 12


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Brass flame arrestor FS 500 with a generous surface area effectively quells any potential hazardous flashbacks.

Temperature-responsive cutoff valve (TV) promptly extinguishes sustained flashbacks well in advance of the arrestors’ interior temperature reaching a critical point.

Spring-loaded non-return valve (NV) safeguards against the formation of explosive gas mixtures resulting from gradual or abrupt gas flow reversal within the gas supply.

– A gas inlet filter shields the arrestor from dirt contamination, thereby prolonging its operational lifespan.

Inlet connection NPT 1/4”M

Outlet connection NPT 1/4”f

(Variations available on enquiry)

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Weight .5 kg
Gas Service

Acetylene, Hydrogen, Methane, Oxygen, Propane


Flash Back Arrestor

A flashback arrestor is a safety device used to prevent the occurrence of a flashback in gas welding, cutting, and brazing operations. A flashback is a dangerous situation where the flame propagates backward into the hoses and equipment, potentially reaching the gas source and causing an explosion.

Flashback arrestors work by incorporating a series of mechanisms that prevent the flame from traveling back into the gas supply lines. These mechanisms can include:

Check Valve: A one-way valve that allows the gas to flow in one direction (from the gas source to the torch) but prevents it from flowing backward.

Flame Arrestor: This is a fine mesh or porous material that is positioned within the arrestor. If a flashback occurs and flames reach the arrestor, the flame’s energy is dissipated, and the heat is absorbed, preventing the flame from moving further back.

Temperature Sensing Valve: Some flashback arrestors have a temperature-sensitive valve that closes automatically when the temperature exceeds a certain level, such as during a flashback. This helps to shut off the gas supply and prevent the flame from progressing backward.

Pressure Sensing Valve: This valve responds to sudden changes in pressure, like those caused by a flashback, by closing off the gas flow.

Flashback arrestors are typically installed on both the oxygen and fuel gas lines near the torch, ensuring protection for both gases. They are crucial safety devices in many gas services or cutting operations to prevent accidents and potential explosions due to backfires or flashbacks.

It’s important to regularly inspect and maintain flashback arrestors to ensure their proper functioning and prevent any risks associated with gas-related operations.