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GES Gas Equipment Services Limited are able to provide a wide range of equipment for the safe handling, distribution and storage of pressurised Gas Cylinders for all business sectors who utilise gas.

Our products include equipment for Industrial gases, Speciality gases and Ultra High Purity (UHP) gases from a range of leading manufacturers such as GCE DruVa, Gas Arc, Spectron and others.

We cater for inert, flammable, toxic and corrosive gases and can supply Cylinder Connecters, Cylinder Mounted Pressure Regulators, Regulator Manifolds, Flexible Hoses/Coils, Point of Use outlets and Gas Cages/Cabinets amongst other items required for the safe use of gas on your installation.

Our services include Product Sourcing to ensure your systems meet the current BCGA Codes of Practice and PSSR (2000) regulations, Gas Inspections, Written Schemes of Examination, Gas Training and Manufacture/ Installation of bespoke Gas Handling Panels alongside our partner company Spectrum Gas Systems Ltd.